Thursday, February 6, 2014

Why We Write

Write what is true.  

Write so you may be clear.  

Write concisely and without frills.  Write so that you may be understood.  Write to make an impact.  Write to make them wonder.   

Write so that you may be happy.  Write so that you may maintain your sanity as well as that little part of you that is crazy for believing this can be done.

Write so that others may still feel connected to you.  Write so that you can feel like you might not someday be forgotten.

Write so you can still feel brave and vulnerable all at the same time.  Writing the truth is the scariest thing of all.  Writing the truth is giving song to your soul – it makes the unknown known, the secrets public, the quiet confessions public record. 

Write so that you are fearful you’ve written too much, and worry about it all day.  But know that writing it out may help, and it may help more than just you.

Write so that you have somewhere to let it all out.  Write so that you can say that you too are part of a creative family.  Write so that you make yourself proud. 

Write so that you may be scared of the right things.

Write so that you may no longer feel irrational fear.

Write so that you are comforted.

Write the words that only you can tell yourself.  Write the words you don’t want to hear. 

Write it all.  Write the pain.  Write the triumphs.  Write the wrongs and write the rights.  Write when there is nothing to say.  Write when there is too much, too, too much.

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