Saturday, June 29, 2013

750 Words

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They say you need to write every day.  Now, who "they" are, I've never been quite sure, but I've heard multiple "them's" talking about this practice and how important it is to keep your mind alive, your fingers nimble at the keyboard and your creativity flowing.  "They" also say that about 3 pages, or roughly 750 words is optimal.  Well, there is website that has taken this idea and run with it.  A website I turn to when hand writing just seems too tedious, too boring, too whatever.  

Above is my world cloud from  I recommend the site for any and all writers or people that need some sort of outlet that is sometimes faster than sitting down and journaling for an hour or three pages or whatever you feel you need.  I don't know about you but sometimes my hand cramps, I can't find my journal or a working pen or a pen I particularly care for or I am simply too bored to stare at a blank page.  But, I always know where my laptop is.  It is (almost) always charged or close to an outlet.  And from years of practice and 8 years in some sort of college setting, I've become a very adept and quick typist.  If only secretaries made millions - I'd be rich! Anyway, is amazing.  It is a website that gives you a blank page with the goal of reaching 750 words per day.  It is completely anonymous, no one else can read your entries and there is no way for anyone to access it.  It is basically a virtual journal that will stay hidden beneath the metaphoric bed of your desk or laptop.  It records your time and your previous entries and the best part is it generates stats about each entry.  It tells you if your post was predominantly positive or negative, if it was dealing with yourself or concerns about others, if you were dealing with the past, present, or future.  It tells you if you were introverted or extroverted, if you were talking mostly about body image or preoccupied with wealth and success.  It rates your post in terms of parental guidance, PG, PG-13, or explicit if you swore a lot or wrote about sex, drugs, and/or alcohol.  And it generates a word cloud, a grouping of words most often used during your post, the larger and bolder they are, the more often those were used compared to others.  At times, you will feel like quite the narcissist as sometimes "I" and "me" occur in glaringly large and bold frequency.  The grouping above was mine for today.  I was mostly concerned with the present, the sense of sight and myself.  It was introverted, positive, uncertain and dealt with feelings.  According to my stats, I was feeling affectionate and concerned mostly with success.  My rating was PG-13 and it took me 27 minutes to write.

It is a beautiful and wonderful tool, a website that allows you instant insight into what you may be struggling or preoccupied with at the time of writing.  Almost like a free therapy session, a computer program that looks through all of your bullshit and free writing about whatever your silly little head comes up with and tells you what you're really talking about, what you're really worried about, what is coming up through your writing even if you didn't intend for that in the first place.  

Try it.  No one is there to read it or judge you.  If nothing else it gets you going, gets your hands moving and your mind wandering.  

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